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Ever kicked a guy in the balls I Am Ready People To Fuck

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Ever kicked a guy in the balls

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I Am Look For Dick Ever kicked a guy in the balls

With women its different because it is usually after I said something utterly funny and I am laughing uncontrollably at the time. No, but I've had it done to me. Not sure why, but I teased some kid back in grade school and gguy the soccer field he came up to me and kneed me so hard in the nuts that ever kicked a guy in the balls great-grandchildren felt it.

I work at walmart, so of course, I get kicked in the balls on a daily basis. All rights reserved.

I thought you were going to say "Countless times. All 3 were clean shaven.

If so what was the reason? Outcome? How did you feel after doing so? Would you do it just for fun or only in self defense? Question primarily. Once, it happened in karate and it was an accident and i felt bad. And not all girls do it, that girl is sick, she knows that you probably won't hit her back that's why. One of my friends says I used to do it alot, either at school or to my brothers but I have no idea lol. I guess like most girls I was just curious or.

I never would kick a guy in the balls unless it was self defense maybe never have thw and don't think i will I carry pepper spray with me so that should do the trick never had to use it philippines sex chat but would if needed after all everyone needs to be safe especially single parents with kids!!!!!!!!!

Don't get on plastic's bad.

Ever kicked a guy in the balls

Yes; I have and did it to defend. I didn't feel bad as his intent was to hurt me; possibly even kill me; so I did what I the new singles to gky. Id only do it in self defense ID never do such a thing otherwise without expecting to get knocked out,.

I have not, but I would like to think I could do it and do it effectively if the need to defend did arise and my attacker slipped up by giving me the opportunity I bet it would feel awesome too!

The girl that kicked you-weird. Freaky, actually. I'd stay as far away from her as possible, not all of us are that sadistic.

Has anone ever kicked a guy in the balls before? | Girlpower-Forum

Answer mine please? I only kick my dad whenever he beats me up because calgary female hits me and stuff because I ,icked understand my homework but he beats me up even more after I kick.

Questions existantes. Questions similaires Girls, ever kick guys in the balls? Girls, ever kick guys in balls? I'd do it if I had to sexy wife interracial self-defense. Although, once a guy hit me in the face with a basketball while we were jumping on a trampoline.

Look Sexual Dating Ever kicked a guy in the balls

I told him I was going to get him back and he ran away and got on the deck and said I wouldn't be able to hurt him. I took a playground ball and threw it as hard as I could while I was jumping on the trampoline.

Apparently he wasn't ready and it hit. He was on the ground for a good 5 minutes. I felt kind of bad He hasn't talked to me much since.

It might be because he got a girlfriend, but probably because I got him gooood. Yes, but not intentionally, kind of.

GIRLS ONLY please, have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? | Yahoo Questions/RĂ©ponses

The first time I sparred in karate, this was 36 guh ago, I was paired with a man. I popped him right in the groin He went down!

No cup on Just an idiot! Never saw that guy. He never came back to class.

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Guess he couldn't afford to buy a cup? If he didn't come back to class you must've had a direct shot.

What was the reaction like, of him and the rest of the people in class. At least you were a beginner at the time of the kick. I've never actually kicked anyone, except for my friends' asses, just for fun, and I don't think I would ever do it to someone either, unless it was gyy defence.

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I've heard it's really dangerous, and definitly not something to do unless it's pretty darn serious? Not on purpose, but twice when I was younger During a kickball game in 4th grade and once during a sparing match when I was 9: Once on purpose.

Once, it happened in karate and it was an accident and i felt bad. And not all girls do it, that girl is sick, she knows that you probably won't hit her back that's why. One of my friends took a boy's snack and we tossed it between us girls. He became a little too aggressive with me and pinned me down. damn all of you. you have no idea what it feels like.

My dad was being mean to me and got me in a bear hug.