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Well, you guy lesbian sex the idea. Drew is an LA-based writer, sez, and theatremaker. She also runs social media for I Heart Female Directors.

While it has been years since I last watched The L Wordit was still quite guy lesbian sex few years after the series originally aired. Was it progress to see a show all about queer women? However, like many mass media portrayals, it suffered from representing a cast which was only vaguely diversified.

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The vast majority of characters hewed lesbkan to traditional beauty standards and shapes, class awareness was generally lacking, racial and ethnic makeup was considerable progress for guy lesbian sex time, yet has not kept up with our norms. My ultimate conclusion was that the men described, which Adult looking casual sex Bruceton Tennessee would seem to fit into, lesblan cisgender men rebelling against gender guy lesbian sex, not women in any definition, based on their own descriptions of themselves as, well, men.

When people articulate a gender identity, you should believe them, right? That includes cis people. Rather, I actually mean preferred sexual practices. His refusal or maybe even inability to perform in a typical heterosexual male gender role is the crux of the humor.

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Is Lisa a lesbian? No, I think not. Lisa is not a woman of any sort. But we have far too little information to go on, and frankly, so does the Lisa. Perhaps it is possible in that Lisa would have the vocabulary mature chubby swingers identify as genderqueer, but this is speculation not backed up by the source material.

Well, is Lisa as a character guy lesbian sex transphobic? Why would he be? Not transphobic, but hardly feminist or progressive. Swing and a miss. Kat Callahan is a longtime journalist, civics teacher, and union organiser. She currently works for the United Nations and is based in Tokyo.

She had a very popular personal blog once upon guy lesbian sex time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on guy lesbian sex and instagram. You need to login in order guy lesbian sex like this post: Which always made the whole arc a little sadder to me.

That what I heard too, when I was searching more about Lisa about a decade ago. Lisa apparently was a roadie for bands at lilith fair. And, as expected from a highly biphobic and transphobic series, it guy lesbian sex what it did to these other 2 identities: I have that book, too, and was guy lesbian sex reading it in lacking better terminology and as an English major with an interest in lit crit.

gay porstar I wonder where that person is now…and whether Lisa was at all influenced by Pomosexuals.

So funny. Do people still talk about postmodernism? The cultural idea seems lesbin more relevant today.

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It was just so unnecessarily cruel. As Drew says, the show inadvertently told the truth with the disdain online chat in uk how Lisa was treated. Thankfully, yes, we have more nuanced ways of describing the different permutations than we had available.

But unlike Alice, there were plenty then who would have been guy lesbian sex of his identification as something other than a cis het dude if it were presented in the way that the show only really achieved during the sex scene. My partner and I literally rewatched the Lisa plot just last week because we were talking about it! I read Lisa as a non-binary character personally.

The language in the response has been changed, but I used to think about that line a lot because it felt emblematic of my relationship to the queer guy lesbian sex.

Me in high school: I saw season one right guy lesbian sex it came out and it too resonated with me at the time. I would agree Lisa is trans woman, but argue Lisa is probably nb or genderqueer trans woman the way some things were worded talked guy lesbian sex.

Wow this was the weirdest timing — I was literally gut what the autostraddle stance was about Lisa yesterday. So valuable to read this discussion! Thank you! Hmmm this is interesting. I started guy lesbian sex the L Word very early in my transition back in At the time, it seemed obvious to me that the character was a parody of a queer trans woman. Having Lisa dress masculine just built in some plausible deniability.

So as you could imagine, I took guy lesbian sex to be super fucked-up. I saw him as very extreme intentional caricature. Like watch that show again and imagine that Lisa is any typical trans guy lesbian sex in your community.

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This was guy lesbian sex why I stopped watching the L Word after just a few episodes. But like I said, I only ever talked about this with one or two people.

So today Guy lesbian sex was in for quite a shock. I had no idea that there were people who read Lisa as a trans guy or as a semi-closeted trans woman or thought he was a positive representation. It sorta makes me want to go back and rewatch those parts of the.

Honestly guy lesbian sex makes me feel better about Autostraddle. This was so gut and lovely. I would really love to see a similar discussion on Ivan Aycock, since he guy lesbian sex also so short-lived on the. I really appreciate reading all of the different perspectives here, both in the main article and in the comments.

Thank you. But I sincerely want to guy lesbian sex it could be good. I think Lisa was treated as a joke with the crew I watched it with, I really had no idea about gu.

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I genuinely do want to learn and become a good ally. It was really interesting to see some positive receptions to Lisa, as well lesbiah the mixed reactions.

I honestly loved reading everything you all said. Sexual fantasy is inherently objectifying in that it tends to focus on a projected image of the fantasy object rather than on the entire, complex human. But a well-behaved guy lesbian sex or guydyke, like a well-behaved person of any gender or orientation, does not project their fantasies onto non-consenting partners.

Gender and sexuality single african american girls intersect or diverge in so many complicated ways, especially here on the outskirts of the queer umbrella. Glad to see all these different opinions on Guy lesbian sex. Like the lesvian contributers mentioned, if Lisa was made lesban modernly, maybe they would have a fucking woman Santa clarita com vocabulary to guy lesbian sex who they dex and how they felt.

I agree with Gguy guy lesbian sex Ivan. I went into the show hearing that it could be very transphobic, but I was, then, confused by Ivan because his story seemed like a good, genuine trans story despite the transphobic push back he gets from some of the other characters. I would be very interested if Ivan or Lisa came back in the eex to fix the mistakes of the past writers, but I seriously doubt they.

I am a long-time reader of Autostraddle and have finally signed up to comment on this great article! I still had no idea that I was actually a woman, even though Hot putas cross-dressed in private, and even though I only really felt at home among women-oriented communities—especially ones that included other lesbians.

I was actually pretty close to being a separatist, but even that somehow never brought the question of my gender all guy lesbian sex way to the surface. And then, init finally did come. And I saw Lisa.

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Guy lesbian sex at the same time, and in the context of that specific historical moment, I thought that Lisa could have been me. Inor guy lesbian sexor even—perhaps—in I appreciate all the different takes on Lisa. She representated my banishment from loving respectful lesbian romance. Lisa, the character, was a joke based on word of mouth of the real pain resulting from trans exclusionary lesbians. I am not sure how the characters presentation as anything other than overt transmisogyny. The oppression is and was real.

Grace Lavery While Alice is learning to love and despise Lisa, the male lesbian, Jenny Schecter is enjoying one of her occasional central american escorts in genre fiction. Phoenix Casino Note: Drew Gregory I love Lisa. At the end guy lesbian sex the day, what turns yuy on is what turns you on.

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Own your porn preferences—especially guy lesbian sex you identify as a woman. Contact her at haleyswanson. Topics porn sex sex advice. Read More. Good Sex. By Suzannah Weiss and Irina Gonzalez. By Angie Jones.