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Where can i find hookers in la

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When arrogant politicians get caught on tape accepting cash in exchange for their votes, I always cheer. Where citizens out minding their own business get arrested when caught up in artificial crime created by police who have no specific target in mind.

In Orange on Friday, police arrested hookeers men where can i find hookers in la an undercover sting in which policewomen were posing as prostitutes. The location was a small shopping center picking up real hookers the southwest corner of Glassell Street and Katella Avenue.

Two shop owners there told me they called police that day to complain that three hookers were harassing their customers, fknd they wanted something done about it. An acquaintance of mine named Johnny was one of those arrested. Married with kids.

Good job. Just bought a nice new house. Never been in trouble with the law. Johnny told me his version wherre on condition his real name not be used. Johnny had played in an after-work softball game, in which he injured his leg. En route home about 8: The rate my body female on entrapment gets quite technical.

Where can i find hookers in la

A female stripers naked police officer explained it to me: Johnny insists the woman asked him straight out, in the most common street vernacular, if he wanted to buy sex.

Art Romo of the Orange police said firmly that the women holkers all trained in where can i find hookers in la language to use, which had all been approved by prosecutors. But to me, this language issue is splitting hairs. Nobody doubts what the undercover cops were offering. To me, it makes little difference. He was still a citizen minding his own business when the forces of law dangled this temptation in his face.

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He was arrested by several male police officers the second he left the lot. Finc officers, he says, had their guns drawn on. He spent the night at Orange County Jail before being released with a citation for solicitation. His wife, of course, was out of her mind with worry. Others were upset. One worker at the shopping center said an officer accused him of trying to interfere where can i find hookers in la police business by tipping off his customers that the women approaching them were cops.

The cop threatened to arrest him if he came out of his store. Several people in the shopping center said one man upset by the police did try to warn hoikers that the women were cops. Most were extremely bitter about this police activity.

Romo disagrees. He says hookerw there had been six reported incidents in that area in the past year, some involving other crimes, and that one merchant in that shopping center had complained. The sting, he said, was a deterrent so that johns and prostitutes alike would know not to come to Orange.

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Why not let him park his car at the motel? And why did cops have to draw their guns?

Where can i find hookers in la I Am Searching Sex Chat

A misdemeanor merits a gun in the face? And why did these men have to be transferred to Orange County Jail? Other police departments have done. Romo said the cars were impounded and the men sent to jail to remove them from atlanta hookup spots area, because the sting was ongoing.

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The guns, he said, are standard procedure, to make sure no one reacts violently. Romo offers assurance that no one was arrested until an overt act took place beyond just an exchange of language. This was a guy who said yes to a hooker? But if you pull into your local 7-Eleven, seems to me you have a right not to have anyone where can i find hookers in la your vehicle, even if the only question asked is whether you want to have a good time.

Readers may reach Hicks by calling or by e-mail at jerry. About Us. Times News Platforms. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Cops set up false storefronts to nail known stolen-goods traffickers?